August 28, 2017

Super Bug Disinfection

Super Bug Disinfection

One of the great biological dangers which can be present at the site of any violent crime, or any incident where biological materials have been discharged, is the potential for a superbug infection to be unleashed.

There are many different types of superbugs which have appeared in recent years, and they have achieved their status as ‘super’ by having developed resistance, and in some cases immunity, to traditional treatment with antibiotics. Since infections from superbugs can be extremely dangerous and even life-threatening to individuals who become infected, any potential threats at violent crime scenes need to be remediated by experts in the field.

Steri-Clean of Kansas maintains a team of trained professionals who are well-versed in eradicating the threat of superbug infections, and who can prevent this very real danger from being transferred to others. Three of the most common and most potent superbug infections are described below.

Clostridium Difficile (C. diff)

Clostridium difficile, or C. diff as it is commonly referred to, is a kind of bacteria which is found in the intestines of almost everyone, as one component of the normal bacteria population which lives in your body.

As long as the bacteria population stays in balance, there are no problems with Clostridium difficile, but when something disturbs that balance, these bacteria can go completely out of control, and depart wildly from its normal functionality.

When that happens, it releases toxins that attack the stomach lining, and cause a C. diff infection. One of the things that most commonly causes this kind of imbalance to occur is when a person uses antibiotics, either a single antibiotic for long period of time, or a broad-based antibiotic that treats a number of symptoms.

People with C. diff infections will often suffer from stomach pains, frequent (and severe) diarrhea, nausea, loss of appetite, fevers, and blood or pus in the stool. Every year, more than 500,000 people in this country become sick from Clostridium difficile, and the trend of recent years has seen this infection become much more frequent, a lot more severe, and much harder to treat.

All of these are signs that C. diff has become a superbug, and that it requires very special treatment by specialists, such as those from Steri-Clean, in order to prevent the spread of the infection. Treatment by specialists is also necessary to prevent the infection from getting any worse than it already has.


Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)

MRSA is a staph infection which has developed a powerful resistance to methicillin, which was formerly the most effective antibiotic treatment against it. Over the years however, the MRSA staph infection has evolved into a superbug which is resistant to that antibiotic, as well as most others. In fact, there are really a number of different strains of this staph infection, and each one has developed its own unique way of infecting victims, as well as defending itself against treatment in the form of antibiotics.

MRSA first appears on a victim in the form of small bumps on the skin, which become swollen and red, and usually become filled with pus. MRSA can easily spread from one person to another, and it is estimated that somewhere between 5% and 7% of the total U.S. population are actually carriers of this infection, although they may not exhibit symptoms themselves.

Some strains of this infection have the capability of spreading themselves to many other carriers, and they can actually trigger deadly infections in some people. Even those infections which are treatable with antibiotics, have often been reported to recur in the same patient at some point after treatment.

Clearly, this superbug has developed into one which must be taken very seriously, and which must be handled by knowledgeable experts like the team members at Steri-Clean Kansas.



While influenza is not often thought of as one of today’s superbugs, it certainly does have the ability to mutate into different strains to protect itself against any measures used to eradicate it. Particularly in school settings, the potential for influenza to be spread is tremendous, due to the sheer volume of students in attendance, the close contact which prevails in this kind of setting, and the likelihood that at least some individuals will have been exposed to the flu bug.

To protect your school against the spread of bacteria, which can sweep throughout the facility, the Steri-Clean Whole Room Disinfection System can provide the most comprehensive method of killing off bacteria and disinfecting the entire premises.

It’s very affordable cost makes this flu-killing system one of the best investments your educational institution could make, considering the welfare of students, faculty, and all other inhabitants of the building. This cleaning approach gets into all the nooks and crannies of rooms that other methods just can’t manage, but at the same time, does absolutely no harm to any delicate or sensitive equipment, or other materials which may be in the classroom setting. The Steri-Clean Whole Room Disinfection System can remove the human error from the cleaning of a classroom.

Steri-Clean Kansas has over 20 years’ experience providing decontamination clean up services in the state of Kansas.


Our trained and certified professionals provide decontamination of blood-borne diseases such as:

• E.Coli

• Hepatitis


• Swine Flu

• And other Blood-borne diseases


Steri-Clean Kansas’ Clients Who Have Benefited from Our Decontamination Clean Up Services Include:

• Homeowners

• Renters

• Hotels

• Businesses

• Daycare Centers

• Schools

• Government Agencies


Steri-Clean Service Area

We can dispatch a team anywhere in the state of Kansas, and this team will arrive in discreetly unmarked vehicles, which will not announce to the neighborhood that something major has occurred at your home or workplace.

Outside state boundaries, we can alert one of our trusted network partners that you have a biological cleanup issue, possibly calling for superbug disinfection. If your residence is a bit beyond our range, we will be glad to contact one of our partners who may be nearer to your actual location.


Our primary service areas within the state fall into these metro regions:

·   Wichita

·   Emporia

·   Kansas City

·   Hays

·   Garden City

·   Junction City

If you aren’t sure about whether you are included in our overall service area, please do call us so we can discuss the situation and get you the biological cleanup assistance you need.


Why you Should Choose Steri-Clean

Some of the characteristics which we have found are most valued by clients are our affordability, our discreet handling of situations, the compassion we extend toward family and friends involved, and the urgency with which we tackle any superbug disinfection situation we’re called in on.

However, our professionalism, knowledge and experience are very important factors as well, in assuring that a violent crime scene is remediated back to a healthful status. Our 20+ years in the business have exposed our team members to virtually every conceivable violent situation, and we have provided the same great discreet services of cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing at all of them.

Wherever you are located, we can help, and since we have 24×7 service, we can be there on an emergency basis when a situation is more time-critical. And before we do anything at all on the job, we will provide you with a free estimate of work and cost, and we can usually advise you about whether or not your insurance will cover some or all of these costs.


Contact Steri-Clean for All Superbug Disinfection Jobs

When you suspect that superbug disinfection may be necessary at the scene of a violent crime, or if you would like to arrange for superbug disinfection services as a precautionary measure, contact us at Steri-Clean Kansas. We are very conscious of the potential threat to individuals and to the public at large when any kind of superbug may be present in exposed biological material at a violent crime scene.

When you call Steri-Clean, you can expect non-judgmental, discreet handling of whatever your situation may be, and you can also expect that the site will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to prevent the spread of any infectious diseases. At Steri-Clean, we are committed to providing our services in a compassionate and professional manner to those in need of them, and we will be very pleased to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.

Integrity, Compassion and Honesty

At Steri-Clean Kansas we Restore Homes and Lives through the principals of Integrity, Compassion and Honesty. These principles guide us to always do the right thing every day and for every client. We are available 24 hours a day to assist you. Call us at (888) 577-7206 for emergency service.

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