February 23, 2017

What Happens When

Most people have never even thought about it. Those that have, assume the police or coroner will take care of it.

Crime Scene Steri-Clean, LLC was one of the first crime scene cleanup companies in the Nation. We offer 24 hour service and free estimates. We have unmarked vehicles for discretion. With highly trained technicians and a fleet of vehicles, we can typically be on the scene within 1 hour. We are contracted by dozens of cities, insurance companies and businesses throughout the nation.


When a suicide, homicide, serious trauma, or undiscovered death occurs in a home, business or automobile, the police officers, fire department, and coroner are only responsible for the investigation and the removal of the deceased. Any blood, bodily fluids, fingerprint dust, luminol or aftermath of any kind is left for the property owner to deal with. This creates further trauma to loved ones, and is potentially dangerous. Diseases like Hepatitis and M.R.S.A. (Staph Infection) can live outside the body for hours and even weeks. Large blood spills should be cleaned by a State licensed crime scene cleanup company. These companies are properly trained in blood borne pathogens and know how to disinfect trauma scenes to prevent the spread of any number of communicable diseases.


When deciding to utilize a professional, use a common sense approach. if there is only a small amount of blood or bodily fluid and it can be cleaned without exposing yourself, then by all means do it. A good rule of thumb is: any spill larger than the size of a dinner plate should be handled by a professional crime scene cleanup company. Saturated areas on soft goods such as carpeting, sofas and mattresses should be professionally cleaned simply because of the penetration probability. The flow of blood and bodily fluids will usually be 2 to 3 times larger under fabric, carpet, or porous surface.


If you have determined a blood spill is small enough to handle yourself, take all necessary precautions. Wear protective clothing to reduce any contact with the biohazardous waste. At minimum, wear gloves and eye protection. We would also recommend you wear disposable suits, shoe covers, and respiratory protection. What may seem like a simple blood stain on carpet can affect the sub-floor. It must be properly cleaned and disinfected to prevent accidental exposure.


Cost factors include: number of technicians, duration and scope of work, and amount of biohazard waste disposal. A reputable company should provide an estimate FREE of charge.


Financial assistance is available in many cases. Insurance such as homeowners, commercial and auto can be utilized to cover services most of the time. Often times, insurance companies will also pay to replace any structural damage that has occurred. This can include: carpet, drywall, paint, etc. If you are the victim of a violent crime, you may be eligible to receive assistance from your state’s Victim Compensation Program. This program helps pay for numerous things including crime scene cleanup.


Many states now have laws in place which outline who can clean biohazards in the form of blood and bodily fluids. In some states only companies licensed to clean bio-hazard are legally allowed to do so. Cleaning it yourself or using a company not specifically trained in the proper removal, handling and disposal of bio-hazard materials can pose serious health hazards. Don’t put yourself or others at risk, it is always best to use a licensed and trained professional for these services.